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Senior Thesis Project

For my Senior Thesis project I chose to create a 30 page illustrative children's book. The goal of the project is to tell the story about a child with disabilities in a way that normalizes them for a younger audience. This project was also a way to expand my skills as an illustrator.

Click above to see full book! 

Character Work

The first step of my project was creating my characters. I created several sketches and explored many styles before I narrowed down on what direction I wanted to take my book in. Once I decided on my style, I went ahead and created all of my characters in the same style with different features. 

Cover Progress

The next step of my project was creating a cover. I started off sketching hand lettering in just black and white. I implemented color and did some polishing of the lettering. The cover went through several rounds of editing and experimenting with use of color, typography, layout, and overall aesthetic. 

Page Process

For the actual pages, I did thumbnail sketches by hand for every page and spread. I then scanned the sketches into procreate where I did a digital sketch layer. After that I did a final level with color, texture, and lighting.

1 copy 2.jpg
2 copy.jpg
22-23 copy.jpg
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